Chrystal Swope March 2, 2016 · Costa Mesa Post 838 is working on a logo and motto and we need your help!
Chrystal Swope‎American Legion Post 838 December 2, 2015 ·  Post 838 is proud to support the Irvine 2/11 Marine Adoption Committee 's Toy
Ryan Wood November 11, 2015 Cmdr. De La Cruz speaking at today's Veterans Day ceremony at Col. Bill Barber park.
Mark Wölfe November 11, 2015 It was an Honor and Privilege to hear so many powerful words by so many
Ryan Wood is at Col. Bill Barber Park. November 11, 2015 · Irvine Isabelle Krasney holding down the fort at the Post 838 table
American Legion Post 838